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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:54 pm 
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General SEGA Discussion is the heart of the SEGA Carnival forums. Here, you can talk about any intellectual property or product that SEGA has made. Below, I'll preemptively answer some questions you might have. (In the future, others may be added!)

Q: Why does Sonic have its own forum, whilst everything else is shoved into this one?
A: We here at SEGA Carnival wish to show love and care to all first-party titles SEGA has produced, with our focus lying primarily upon those from the late 90's reaching into to the mid-2000's! However, it would be impractical to give each and every IP that we cover on the main site their own forums. Despite this, we've made one for the Sonic series, as it is undeniably SEGA's flagship franchise - I think even the most die-hard fans of other SEGA properties can acknowledge that. That said, we are looking to give other IPs their own forums in the future. Our approach is essentially that as our community grows, so will discussion of certain SEGA IPs, and the additions we make will reflect that.

Q: Can you make an -insert IP here- forum?
A: We won't add boards simply at a single user's request. However, if we find that discussion of a specific IP is especially prominent-- say, if threads regarding it take up over 50% of the first page, then that's when we'll begin to consider if giving the IP its own forum is the right course of action. However, this does not mean that you can spam the board with topics related to a property in an effort to artificially inflate its popularity. Such behavior is painfully obvious to others, and will most likely result in punishment.

Q: I want to make another topic on this game, but I'm worried that it might come off as spamming. (Not really a question, but it's the conveyance of uncertainty that matters.)
A: If there's something that you genuinely want to discuss without some kind of ulterior motive behind it, then go right ahead! Usually, it's fairly easy to tell whether someone actually has something to say, or if they're trying to make a scene. If there's only one game or franchise that interests you, then you're by no means obligated to participate elsewhere or make topics about IPs you're not invested in.

Q: SEGA is also a toy manufacturer. Can I talk about those too? What about other licensed merch?
A: I don't see why not! Go right ahead!

Q: Is it okay if I talk about emulation, ROM-hacking, modding, datamining, etc?
A: Yes, to an extent. We definitely see the merit in emulation, as well as hacking, modding, datamining, etc. Matter of fact, you most likely will see articles on our website discussing some of these topics in great detail in the near future. You are allowed to talk about emulation and hacking, but whatever you do, do not share ROMs or disc images. Do not ask where to download them, nor link to any websites that hosts them - an exception is made for any software that is considered abandonware, but only if it comes from a site that explicitly specializes in distributing it, so as to not inadvertently provide an avenue for piracy. Discussion of how to rip ROMs and disc images from legally owned copies for personal use is also A-OK, as that is typically considered the cleanest way to make use of emulation, apart from purchasing official emulators.

(Original post written by CasualCollision, further edited by other staff and I.)


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