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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:06 pm 
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-SPOILER ALERT!- If you haven't played this game yet I highly recommend doing so! This topic will be full of spoilers.

I wasn't sure what to call this but I thought this might be a fun topic. The idea is that I upload screenshots of the game's process I made while playing and put dumb commentary under it.

Recently I've obtained a Raspberry Pi and turned it into a console for retro gaming (which means I finally get to play sega games!). The emulutionstation comes with retroarch which allows me to take screenshots of the game I'm playing. Thanks to this I decided I would do post a series of screenshots I made throughout the game and have some fun with it.

At this point I was too busy playing the actual game so I've already finished it (not 200.8% but still) and the only thing left to do is finish it as Richter.

I absolutely loved the game. The music and atmosphere were on point. The gameplay was amazing. All that while thinking I wouldn't enjoy it because the first time I played it I didn't have such a fun time. The game was challenging and beating bosses / getting to save points felt rewarding and it was really satisfying.

I will upload these screenshots in batches so I can take my time making these posts. In the future I may do this for other games (possibly sega ones) if people like this topic. Not sure whether I will make multiple topics or reuse this one and change the title constantly.

So without further ado, let's begin!

Ah yes, classic awful grammar due to translation I assume. This strikes me as something especially funny because it's most likely translated from japanese, yet this is how that sentence would have been made if it was dutch as well (I'm dutch in case you didn't know). "What do you here?" might sound like it's supposed to be "What do you hear?" but it wouldn't be right in the context. If you would take the dutch sentence I get out from this and literally translate each individual word you would get this sentence, but if you would correctly translate it, it would read "What are you doing here?" instead. Stay tuned though, for there is more of these erros that have yet to come...

Now this part infuriates me. Why can't I jump onto this ledge? The screenshot doesn't do it as much justice as it did when you actually play it but his body cleeeaaarly clears the jump and gets over the ledge, yet I am not able to get on top of it no matter how hard I try! It was not until later someone told me the wall I was trying to jump over is breakable and actually functions as a tunnel... Woops.

Truly an amazing addition to my equipment. What else could I possibly need? Everyone needs this item. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sunlight but they also look cool! They even give you a slight boost in defense... Such a shame they don't show up on the character model.

Now I'd like to point out that while I had just started the game at this point, the game already acknowledges my skills by telling me that my Status = Good. The game already knows who's playing it. There's no doubt about it. Truly the game knows a gamer when the controller has been touched by a Good one.

After being stabbed by multiple spears multiple times I felt like there was more to this place... And all it does is make this lady tell me a story that puts me to sleep. Quite a boring story I'd say! I don't care about your sobbing, woman. I have better things to do like slaying vampires!

What a fool. This floating skull companion seems to be utterly confused by my new appearance even though I shapeshifted into a bat right in front of his very eyes! You would think he might be fooled because I'm wearing the Crystal Cloak which is semi-invisible and translates to the color of my wings, but this has, in fact, nothing to do with it since the skull will be fooled no matter which cloak I don. After a short period of time he even deserts me! Loyalty is hard to find in this game.


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