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 Post subject: Forum RPG Information
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:14 pm 
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Hello all! Recently I was hit with one of those rare bolts of inspiration that leads to a feeling of "I should do this thing" rather than "it'd sure be cool if I could do this thing". So, I'm doing this thing.

Basically unless outside circumstances prevent it from this point onward I am going to be hosting a forum based RPG. This is a part of a project I've been working on for quite some time and never had any way of doing so til now, which is a tabletop-like game series/setting called Secret of the Shadows.

This topic will feature rules and announcements as well as answering questions related to the game.

I have four confirmed players for this first run and that is enough for the first scenario so unless someone drops out we won't be recruiting any more players until this scenario is complete.

I'm aiming to get the game started relatively soon, within a few days at most.

Now then, on to the game specifics. Please keep in mind that it's essentially an eternal work in progress, so they could change at any time! That said they'll generally stay as-is per scenario unless an issue is found that prevents all progress.

The actual way of playing is fairly simple - I present a scenario and the players will collectively post their responses, including anything they wish to have their characters say or do.

Battles will have round-by-round status updates for all combatants, enemy and ally alike. A round is concluded when all players post their chosen actions. As to the basics themselves:
Characters have three primary statistics: Might, Intelligence and Agility. These determine your character's capabilities not only with exploration and skills related to those traits, but also how well you are able to fight with physical, cosmic and ranged weapons respectively, as well as how well protected against those types of attacks you are.

Upon character creation, the player ranks these statistics in order of priority. This determines how many points will be allocated per level. It is similar to one's class in other RPGs.

Players may also choose a cosmic force to be aligned with, granting them resistance and weakness to certain attacks and allowing them to naturally learn a selection of cosmic powers as they level up.

These forces are Solar, Lunar and Stellar. The three work in a cycle - Solar is strong against Lunar which is strong against Stellar which is strong against Solar.

When a character's statistics hit a certain minimum value, they will learn a skill. Skills can be used in and out of battle and have various effects and usage requirements.

Cosmic powers can be learned through events and certain items found in the game. They too have varying effects but are mostly related to manipulating the three cosmic forces in battle.

Characters also have HP(hit points) and MP(mind points), which are determined by a combination of statistics. If either reach 0, that character is incapacitated and cannot act until the value is raised above 0. There are skills, powers, items and events that can do this.

HP is the combined total of the character's Might and Agility plus your Level.

MP is the combined total of the character's Intelligence and Agility plus your Level.

There are many items, secrets and characters to discover in this mysterious facility. What awaits in its depths...?
And now for the battle flow:
All combatants take their turns in an order determined by the host(agility may play a part). Once all players submit their actions, they will be played out and the results shown in the round summary. Normally, battles continue in this way until all combatants of either side are incapacitated.

Outside of rare, special circumstances, if the players are all incapacitated, the story is over.

Combatants' range from each other is ranked with the following-

Close: The target is close enough to reach out and touch with minimal effort. Any attack without a minimum range can hit them.

Near: Usually out of arm’s length but not of most handheld weapons. The minimum range for most ranged attacks.

Far: A fair distance away, enough that you would need to advance even to strike with a polearm. This is the maximum range for most cosmic attacks.

Distant: Far enough away that only ranged attacks typically reach. A full round of movement is required to close the gap.

On a player's turn, they may perform a combination of any two of the following actions-

Move: Advance or fall back one rank toward or away from the targeted enemy. Unlike other actions, this can be performed twice in one round to close the distance with the target instantly. Your turn ends after doing so.

Attack: Perform a normal attack with your equipped weapon. Any extra effects of your attack depend on the weapon itself.

Skill: Use an active skill. Skills may use HP or MP and have a variety of effects and requirements for use, such as specialized maneuvers or special attacks.

Power: Use a cosmic power. Powers almost all require MP to use and typically deal in damage related to the cosmic forces of solar, lunar and stellar or can be used to heal or support yourself or your allies.

Item: Use an item in your possession. Items for battle are typically medicines but may also include disposable weapons or items that imitate the effects of skills and powers.

Defend: Take no further action and brace yourself for attack. Incoming final damage received is reduced by 25%.

As mentioned, Move is the only action that can normally be taken twice in one turn. Doing so uses your entire turn, but can get you as close or as far away as you need to be.

Different weapons, skills and powers do different forms of damage and may reduce HP or MP depending on the action in question. Specifics are listed within the action's description.

Upon winning a battle, all characters who participated (whether they are conscious at the end or not) will receive experience points and may find items dropped by their fallen foes. As with other RPGs, you'll gain levels and enhance your stats, earning you new skills and powers as you gain more experience.
The general game itself for this scenario is one of exploration - our protagonists find themselves in a seemingly abandoned facility with no clear way out and no knowledge of how they came to be there. Will they escape? Will they find any answer to what led to this situation?

We will soon see.

The players for this session are:
Mercurii, Empressive, Tobi and Shadria.

The game will begin when everyone's characters are ready and the basic information is prepared, which should only take a short time on my part.

I hope my players find this enjoyable, and hope those watching enjoy as well!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This may go without saying, but while discussion is fine in this thread in particular, please do not post in the game thread itself unless you are one of the players.

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